Choosing Port Lincoln Accommodation Off to Sydney

Known as the seafood capital of Australia, Port Lincoln is the major commercial center of Eyre Peninsula. Relatively big, this port is home to 14,000 friendly people as this is a major attraction for both local and international tourists. For holiday seekers, Port Lincoln accommodation provides a firsthand experience on the Australian coastal lifestyle, along with a beautiful township that overlooks Boston Bay – one can easily enjoy scenic views of the ocean and indulge in many exciting activities during their visit in Southern Australia.

How to Get to Port Lincoln

It takes approximately 45-50 minutes to get here from Adelaide. There are 2 airlines with direct flights to Port Lincoln with several schedules per day, giving you plenty of options.

Alternatively, you can catch the Premier Stateliner bus service from Adelaide and enjoy a 10-hour drive to the port for as little as $90 or if you have the means, you can drive yourself to Port Lincoln – just have a map with you to find the most convenient route.

Finding a Place to Stay

Accommodation is available for as little as $10 per night at caravan parks to a luxury stay at the popular Tononga Luxury Eco Lodges for as much as $310 for a full rate service. Basically, whether you are looking to spend your nights in a bed-and-breakfast, self-serviced apartment, cabin, or 5-star accommodation – you can rest assure to get the right place for you.