Highlighting the Wonder of Outback Australia

If you are a first time to go traveling to the Outback Aus, then tries to seek for some of the places in Adelaide.  Yet if you want the tropical parts, Darwin will make your day complete. Learn from the nature, the tropical locations and the culture of the people including cultural events. Ask and areas some more reviews on how to locate t he places around. Travel agencies might help a lot in dealing with this endeavor.


Darwin is a favorite destination for both business and leisure tourists, with the presence of 2 national parks – Litchfield National Park and Kakadu National Park. Another famous attraction for tourists is Katherine George. Darwin is popular for seasonal tourism, due to odd climate of the city. Unlike 4 seasons, Darwin has 6 traditional seasons. Hot and sunny nature can be experienced from the months of May – September. Lush season begins from October and ends in April. This season refresh the land by monsoonal thunderstorms and rains. Tourism season of Darwin is winter season which usually lasts from the April – September.