Smart Warehouses of the 21st Century

Improving overall warehouse productivity is much easier than you may believe- enter smart warehousing.

One of the main problems is getting the most out of the space you have. Can you say you’ve maximized your warehouse’s space?

In the modern world, in any bug city what is the first thing that you notice? The towering skyscrapers of course. Cities now are compact with buildings that reach upwards instead of sprawling out. Land value drives up the cost of buying new land, so making the most of the area you have is essential. The land upwards costs nothing! This same rule applies to warehouse space. The more space in the vertical direction used the more horizontal space you save. In the process of maximizing space efficiency, there are largely four main obstacles to using this warehouse space in the best way:


Shelf Space:

The standard normal shelf heights don’t usually account for the size of the actual products you are loading them with. This can lead to huge amounts of wasted space between shelve levels. In addition to the space between shelves, the space between rows for forklifts also takes up a significant amount of space.


Having poor organization and structure in a storage facility also wastes too much time. Workers may have trouble finding specific products in a messy and improperly organized warehouse.


Stacking all of your products high to the top of your warehouse can create even more problems. Needing to use a forklift requires extra capital being spent on training and resources. This doesn’t even include the time taken out of the day for it.


One of the major problems that come up with the expansion vertically of a warehouse is occupational hazards and safety concerns. Either manually for by machine, more hazards are introduced. A person needing to work in that environment can be put in real danger by fast-moving forklifts and boxes stacked high. It’s an accident waiting to happen!

Don’t worry because that is the far past of managing your warehouse: inefficient in space, time, and capital, not even including the worrying OH&S dangers. Instead get connected with the smart warehouse revolution to truly help your business’ bottom line, safety, and efficiency.

Our “Hanel Lean-Lift Vertical Warehouse Storage” setup offers automated answers to old problems. They can lead to significant productivity gains that can bring your warehouse setup out of the old 20th-century manual management form and into the 21st century through the useful Internet of Things. These systems will help the numerous components of the categories above. The lift system will bring things down to a safe and ergonomic level of reach for your employees, no more forklifts and bad backs. With this system, new sections can be added at any time to increase storage space. The Hanel Rotomat doesn’t even require scheduled maintenance! There are many unique systems that all can contribute to a better workspace.

Watch our video below to let us demonstrate to you how these changes will increase your total usable floor space by even 80%!